Managing Knowledge for Organizational Effectiveness

The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA) in partnership with the World Bank is offering a 5-days Certificate Program on Organizational Knowledge Sharing.

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The Knowledge Strategy Certificate program is centered around the World Bank Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) approach and tools. This 5-day (face to face) certificate program is run as a workshop which covers the 8 elements of the OKS Framework + the innovation element necessary to develop an enabling environment for projects and organizational effectiveness and Innovation.

1.Leadership and Culture
2.Governance, Skills and Systems
5.Monitoring and Evaluation
6.Identifying and Capturing
7.Knowledge and learning products
8.Knowledge sharing and exchange
9.Knowledge-based Innovation

International guest speakers will join to share their practical experience on the topics covered.


DAY 0: Orientation session (online)

• Getting to know each others
• Becoming a Knowledge-Sharing Organization
• Certificate program overview
• Getting ready for your trip to Thailand!

DAY 1: Knowledge Strategy

• Why Knowledge sharing
• Organizational Knowledge Sharing Framework
• Creating an enabling environment
• The role of Senior Management
• Motivation and incentives for knowledge sharing
• Governance, structure and systems for knowledge sharing
• Using Technology for Knowledge Sharing• Knowledge sharing business models and financing
• Knowledge sharing partnerships
• Monitoring and evaluation

DAY 2: Knowledge Capture

• Identification of relevant operational experiences
• Capturing operational experiences and lessons learned
• Validation of knowledge assets
• Formatting of knowledge assets
• Storing and disseminating knowledge assets
• The power of storytelling (New)

DAY 3: Designing Effective Learning Offerings (Knowledge Dissemination)

• Review of the conditions of efficient learning
• Seven principles of effective learning design based on more than 100 years of research
• Components of the learning package
• Review of more than 10 learning methods split in four main modalities: face-to-face training, one/one learning, internet-based learning, work-based learning.
• Integration of learning methods within the 70-20-10 model
• Introduction to the five levels of learning system evaluation.

DAY 4: Knowledge Sharing & Knowledge Exchange (Knowledge Dissemination)

• The Knowledge Exchange Bridge Model
• Anchoring a Knowledge Exchange
• Defining a Knowledge Exchange
• Designing a Knowledge Exchange
• Implementing the Knowledge Exchange
• Measuring and Reporting Results

DAY 5: Knowledge-Driven Innovation & Knowledge Clinic

• Knowledge-based innovation
• The ten types of Innovation
• From imitation to innovation
• Knowledge Exploration and Exploitation
• Closed and Open Innovation
• Serendipity management
• Knowledge creation mechanisms
• Best vs. Next Practices

Knowledge clinic:
The learning objectives are:
• Questions and Answers on challenges faced by your organization
• Co-creation of knowledge solutions

5 days interactive program

Executives and Decisions Makers of Public and Private Organizations


May 27-31, 2024

Original Price: USD 1,800
USD 1,500 for Development Practitioners, Academics, Governments, NGOs,
and for 2 participants or more

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